Raw Veggies from Frozen Food
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Take any kind of frozen stir fry or other frozen veggies in a 1.lb plastic pouch, like Spinach, Sugar-Snap Pea Stir Fry, Yellow Carrot Stir Fry, Vegetable Stir Fry, Asparagus Stir Fry, frozen Broccoli,... BIRDS EYE Brand has very tasty CORN MIXTURES. Use a 1-pound package of frozen veggies for this recipe:


  (1) defrost Veggies, preferably the slow natural way (may take up to 5-hours)
  (2) squeeze out excess liquid as much as possible (extra effort required for spinach)
  (3) spread Veggies out evenly in a flat plastic bowl
  (4) add 10 or more table spoons of Flax-Seed oil (olive oil is OK too - tastes better)
  (5) 1-tablespoon of concentrated Lemon (or real lemon)
  (6) spread evenly contents of 1-capsule of 100,000 heat-units cayenne
  (7) roughly 1/2 teaspoon of Sea-Salt (Real-Salt from Utah recommended)
  (8) add Garlic powder as desired (not garlic salt)
  (9) add 10-dashes (or more) of Maggi (Braggs Amino isn't half as good)
(10) turn over the whole mixture so that all ingredients end up at the bottom

Let sit for about 10-minutes, then turn over again, let sit another 10-minutes. Cooking or any kind of heating not advisable, actually would be a bad idea.

Now ready to be served - a delicious, satisfying meal for everyday. Those with small appetite will be happy with half the portion. Chew carefully and more pronounced than any other food. Don't be afraid to eat all the flaxseed oil if there is any of it left in your dish after you are done with the veggies, it can't do you any harm, it's actually good for you.



NOTE - cayenne of item-6 is a very important ingredient - believed to be good for reducing chance of heart failure, also fights prostate cancer and other types.

Flax-Seed oil of item-4 should be applied liberally to ensure a good tasting veggie dish, spinach needs more oil than other veggies.

The Oil and Lemon combination is important for preventing formation of Kidney Stones.

Maggi - dark brown (sort of square belly) bottle with long neck and yellow cap, comes in  different sizes - available on US west coast at SafeWay supermarkets.


(a) Veggies are not exactly raw as they are heated (steamed) for a few minutes before freezing.

(b) Item 4 - olive oil for daily use recommended only with omega-3 supplements

(c) Item 9 in above recipe should be omitted if MSG intake is of any concern - the veggy dish tastes good also without the brain-cell destroying MSG found in taste enhancing additives like Maggi, Braggs Liquid Aminos, Soy Sauces, etc. -- more about MSG at this



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